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Our Reviews

“Scott & Smitty’s Firestone has been taking care of my cars since I was old enough to drive. I have always enjoyed the good-natured honesty and helpfulness of the mechanics and management, and I am confident in knowing that I receive the services my car needs for a fair and reasonable price. I have purchased tires, had smog checks, oil changes, alignments & brake jobs… and have also gotten valuable advice and prepurchase inspections on vehicles I have bought and sold.

You can’t find a friendlier office atmosphere or staff. They’ll give you a ride, a call, or a place to sit down and they’ll keep you in the loop while working on your car. Scott & Smitty’s is worth coming back to again and again!”

-Melody Voss

“For over 25 years, Scott & Smitty’s Firestone has provided excellent service and repairs to the many cars that our family has owned in that time.  We value their skill, knowledge, consideration and fair prices.  We tend to keep our cars as long as possible; and thanks to Scott and Smitty’s Firestone, we’ve driven several of our cars over 200,000 miles with few, if any major problems.  When you find mechanics you trust, you stick with them… and you recommend them to your friends and neighbors.”

-Rod and Gail Grap

“Trust is the first thing that comes into our minds when we think of Scott and Smitty’s. For over twenty-five years we have been customers and have never had a problem with their service We bring the car or truck in, write them a check, then trust them to do their job. They have never let us down. They always take the time to explain, in terms we understand, what was required to solve the problem.The secretary is very professional and also puts customer satisfaction as a number one priority.

Over the years, thanks to Scott and Smitty’s our vehicles have logged well over the expected mileage. We have traveled many miles with confidence that we are safe and without fear of a problem miles from home.”

-Larry and Wanda Burleson

“I have had my cars repaired by Scott and Smitty’s Firestone for about 30 years.  They have always been professional.  I can go in with a problem and they will check it out then.  When my daughter started driving, she could go in if her car was having a problem and they would check it out for her.”